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Company Details

Established in 1993, BRW Enterprises (Qld) Pty Ltd is a hydraulic engineering company,
specializing in the fields of hydraulic and wet fire design and documentation. With extensive experience on a range of projects throughout Australia, our Engineering Staff and CAD personnel are able to deliver quality project documentation in a time efficient manner.

Our company’s objectives shall be to provide the client with a high level of security to ensure that Hydraulic and Fire Services allow for constant accessibility. BRW Enterprise’s designs are structured such that the client is provided with cost effective, innovative and efficient designs, with only minimal maintenance required over a lengthy period of time. BRW Enterprises ensure that hydraulic designs incorporate the provision for backup operations to maintain continual use.

Our company shall ensure that any major project is provided with the latest technology throughout the design and development processes, with continuous research and development ensuring that the project shall become an established and recognised successful venture. As a major cost within buildings, energy management must commence during the design and documentation phases of the project. Equipment and materials are selected with particular relevance to extended longevity with minimal maintenance.

Close liaisons are developed with major piping and equipment manufacturers to ensure an exact understanding is obtained of all materials available on today’s diverse marketplace. This contact & understanding ensures that BRW Enterprises select the correct materials – on time – every time.

When initially inspecting and investigating the existing and proposed services for a building development, BRW Enterprises Qld Pty Ltd ensure that close communication is developed with the client to ensure that future development requirements are reflected in the planning of services.

BRW Enterprises Qld Pty Ltd firmly believes that Hydraulic Designs must be structured to allow for future upgrades and/or extensions in our ever-changing and growing environment. Whilst “building for today” is a short term philosophy, “designing for tomorrow” provides BRW Enterprises Qld Pty Ltd with the unique strategy that sites our company at the forefront of our competition.

BRW Enterprises Qld Pty Ltd prides ourselves on entering each new project with vigor and open-mindedness, approaching each new challenge with a wide and diverse wealth of knowledge.

Please note that our firm possesses various licenses and registrations, with the following list encompassing such details :-
• QBCC Company License N o 744206 and BSA Supervisor License No 744208;
• Queensland Government PQC Registration No 333A.


Company Resources

BRW Enterprises (Qld) Pty Ltd’s work on major developments throughout Australia provides extensive experience on retail, commercial, industrial hospital and residential projects.

Safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness are all contributing factors which are fundamental and must be effectively identified to enable the provision of an optimum Hydraulic Service to any major development. Whilst visual aesthetics are also closely considered as part of the design process, we aim to provide facilities with fully integrated and efficient hydraulic systems utilising the latest technology in the design and documentation process. Our company shall provide high levels of personal service and our constant accessibility at all levels shall ensure that sound working relationships are established for professional business dealings to be undertaken.

  • Our company employs the following technical facilities within our offices :-
    Twelve (12) Work Stations running AutoCAD and REVIT software;
  • A miriam of laser plotters that are capable of processing A3, A2, A1, B1 and AO size
  • Registration with Natspec to allow full use of all pertinent specifications and
  • Dropbox, SugarSync, Incite and Project Web and Aconex experience enabling direct
    communication between CAD personnel and associated disciplines.